How Long Do MTB Gloves Last? (Explained)

Mountain bike gloves are some of the best equipment that you can own when you are an avid mountain biker because of how they can help improve your performance.

But, like most mountain bike equipment, mountain bike gloves will undergo wear and tear. So, how long do mountain bike gloves last?

In most cases, mountain bike gloves can last for over six months up to a year. This can be somewhere between 3,500 to 4,500 miles depending on how often you ride and on how rough the trails you ride on are. Then again, it still depends on the frequency of your mountain biking rides.

As useful as mountain bike gloves are for your rides, they aren’t exactly the most long-lasting equipment that you can use whenever you are riding. In that case, don’t expect your mountain bike gloves to last for a very long time especially when you are someone who likes biking on rough trails.

How long should my MTB gloves last?

MTB Gloves

In most cases, mountain bike gloves can last somewhere between 6 months to an entire year. As such, you might find yourself replacing your mountain bike gloves once or twice a year depending on how worn out they are and on the different factors that can affect the wear and tear that the gloves experience on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, you should also consider the fact that not all mountain bike gloves can last half a year. There are some that are not that durable or are subpar in terms of quality. As such, some mountain bike gloves may end up lasting only about a few months before they begin to wear out.

Also, there is the fact that the condition of mountain bike gloves can also be affected by the frequency of the rides. The more frequently you use your mountain bike gloves, the more likely they are to wear out faster.

So, if you go out riding on a regular basis, your mountain bike gloves may not even reach half a year if you crammed six months’ worth of biking in only three months. That’s why some mountain bikers may end up with worn-out gloves in only a matter of a few months.

How Many Miles Can You Rid of a Pair of Mtb Gloves?

In most cases, mountain bike gloves will last somewhere between 3,500 and 4,500 miles depending on how hard or tough the trails are. This ultimately means that the miles you put into your mountain bike gloves are more likely to be bigger factors compared to how old the gloves actually are.

But what do I mean by that?

Let’s say that you own a pair of mountain bike gloves but you don’t use them quite often. That means that, even if they may have already reached a year old, they can still last for a longer time because how the mileage on them is quite low.

Meanwhile, if you are too fond of mountain biking and you always use your mountain bike gloves whenever you go out for a ride, then that could mean that you could end up with gloves that have seen more miles.

As such, you can easily reach 4,000 miles on your gloves if you regularly go out for rides. So, regardless of how old your gloves may be in terms of time, they can still end up wearing out faster if you use them quite often.

This is why there are some gloves that will only last for about three months before they wear out as the riders who own them probably ride more often than most other riders.

Then again, there are still other factors that you need to look at when you tell how long mountain bike gloves will last in terms of their mileage.

Some gloves tend to last longer regardless of the miles they have because they are made of superior materials and are of better quality. On the other hand, some gloves may also last longer despite the miles they have precisely because the riders who own them don’t often go on rough rides.

Meanwhile, there are amazingly high-quality gloves that may end up lasting only for a few months because the rider who owns them tends to suffer falls more frequently.

All that said, there are far too many factors that can affect the lifespan of mountain bike gloves regardless of how old they may be or how many miles they have.

So, in relation to that, it is best to replace your mountain bike gloves when you realize that it is time to replace them.

When Should I Replace My Mtb Gloves?

The best time to replace mountain bike gloves depends entirely on the condition of the gloves. This is where the eye test comes in to help you decide whether or not you should have the gloves replaced already.

Naturally, when the gloves are already full of holes, logic would dictate that you should replace them promptly because the holes will do nothing but make the gloves less effective when you are out on rides.

You don’t want sharp rocks puncturing your hand during the fall because the gloves you wear are full of holes.

Meanwhile, you should also try to look at how worn-out the materials on the gloves have become. Your gloves may not have many holes or probably don’t even have any holes. 

But, when you try to feel the material and you notice that the gloves no longer feel as rugged or as they used to be, then that could mean that the material has already become too worn out due to a combination of the damage dealt by age, wear and tear, sweat, and UV ray exposure, among others.

When the material is too worn out, the gloves won’t be able to protect your hands.

As such, it is ultimately your common sense that should decide whether it is already time for you to replace your mountain bike gloves.

This can be somewhere between 6 to 12 months or 3,500 to 4,500 miles, whichever of the two may apply. However, the condition the gloves are in is the ultimate determinant of whether or not it is time to have them replaced.

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