Cycling down the ramp

The Ideal Commuting Partner: Road Bike or Mountain Bike?

Commutes can often be mundane and tiresome, but choosing the right commuting partner can inject a sense of excitement and joy into your daily journey. Whether you’re zipping through city streets or exploring off-road trails, having the ideal bike by your side can make all the difference. For swift, fair-weather commutes on paved routes, road …

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HT vs FS commuting

Hardtail vs. Full-Suspension: for Commuting

After you decided to commute to work on a mountain bike you may be wondering which is the best choice, a hardtail or a full-suspension because the price gap between them is bigger than the Grand Canyon. While full-suspension MTBs offer a more comfortable commuting experience, hardtails will still be the best choice because they …

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Man cyclist in the city

Is a Mountain Bike Good for City Riding? You need to know this!

While mountain bikes are designed for rough terrains, they can be used in the city. Their durability and traction can handle urban challenges like potholes and wet streets. However, their heavier build and knobby tires make them less efficient on paved roads compared to city-specific bikes. For occasional city rides, they’re suitable, but for daily urban commuting, a city or hybrid bike might be a better choice.