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Are Scott Mountain Bikes Good? (Things You Need to Know!)

These are good times for mountain bikers because the industry has had incredible developments in the last decade but this can lead you confused if you want to buy a mountain bike because there are many manufacturers on the market and they offer a large number of options.

Scott mountain bikes are renowned for their stiffness and aerodynamic innovation, while they are in the higher price brackets if you want a mountain bike that will be a high performer and will last you many years, a Scott mountain bike will be well worth the money.

In this article, we will explore Scott’s reputation, history, and background. We will see if Scott MTBs are really worth the money. We will discourse if professional mountain bikers are using Scott MTBs in races, because if Scott mountain bikes have a place in the competitive scene then most surely they are designed with performance in mind.

Is Scott a Good MTB Brand?

Downhill ride
Downhill rider with a Scott MTB

Founded in 1952, Scott has grown to be one of the most popular brands in mountain bike design. The company’s sponsorship of world-class athletes in cycling events has helped to cement its reputation as a high-quality brand.

Scott has also become an excellent choice for bikers looking for a mountain bike that’s affordable but still offers exceptional performance. As one of the largest manufacturers of mountain bikes, the company’s reputation is second to none.

The company’s motto, “No shortcuts,” expresses its passion for design and its goal of empowering cyclists to achieve their goals. The company has decades of experience and many world mountain bike championships to its credit.

There are also several other high-end models on the market. You can compare bikes before making a purchase. To make the best decision, you should check out the Scott Genius series, as well as the Scott Pro XC bike.

The company’s innovative designs and streamlined bikes make the Scott name synonymous with mountain bikes. The Genius series is a particularly popular Scott bike, but a new version is coming out in 2015 with bigger wheels and a better shock system.

Brief Overview

The history of Scott mountain bikes dates back to the 1960s. Scott began producing aerodynamic handlebars for mountain bike racing in 1989, and the first win was Greg Lemond’s Tour de France victory.

The company has had tremendous success in XC mountain biking, as well. Nino Schurter has won countless races on a Scott bike. The company also sponsors top amateurs and professional cyclists, including Kristen Wisniewski, Sebastian Kienle, and Annabel Luxford.

They began as a manufacturer of aluminum ski poles and quickly branched out into a variety of sports goods. Their first mountain bike, the Addict RC, came out in 1986, and they’ve been making high-quality bikes ever since.

The company also manufactures electric bicycles. Their lineup of electric bikes consists of mountain bikes, kids’ bikes, and electric bikes for all types of riding. Their extensive selection of electric bikes gives cyclists the option to save money on their power bills while riding.


Scott is a bicycle company that’s known for breaking new ground in aerodynamics, materials, and design. From lightweight road bikes to high-end mountain bikes, the brand pushes the limits of performance and efficiency.

Scott bikes are the stiffest bikes on the market, consistently topping independent stiffness tests. They combine unmatched efficiency and durability, making them ideal for everyday riding. If you’re not a professional cyclist, consider a hybrid bike.

The most notable feature of a Scott bike is the quality of the frame and components. The frame is lightweight but stiff and durable, making it easier to climb hills.

The components are high-quality, too, and the entire frame is made to withstand years of abuse. A Scott mountain bike can be tailored to fit any riding style, from a beginner to a pro. The company also sponsors top athletes and teams who ride these bikes.

Customer Service

Scott Mountain Bikes Customer Service is available seven days a week to answer your questions. Their dedicated team will help you get the bike you need. If you have any questions, you can call them or you can also contact Scott Mountain Bikes Customer Service online. Just go to Scott’s website to get all the help you need.

You can contact Scott Mountain Bikes Customer Service if your bike breaks down or you’re unhappy with a repair. If you purchased the product from an authorized dealer, it’s best to have it repaired or replaced by an authorized shop. You must include the receipt or proof of purchase with any defective part you send in for repair. Failure to do so will void the limited warranty, and you’ll have to pay for all necessary repairs.


The Scott warranty covers the bike’s frame and it is 5 years if you have proof of maintenance done at an authorized SCOTT dealer. In case of no or incomplete proof of maintenance, the frame warranty is reduced to 3 years.

Where Are Scott Mountain Bikes Made?

In the 1960s, Scott started out making ski poles, and it wasn’t long before the company expanded into all types of cycling gear. The first bike was introduced in 1986, and the company quickly became synonymous with technical innovation.

Scott mountain bikes are manufactured in Givisiez, Switzerland, but the frames are manufactured in Taiwan. The bikes are assembled in the factory at the main headquarters.

Are Scott Mountain Bikes Worth the Money?

The quality of Scott Bikes is renowned and well-known. Athletes and professional cyclists alike use Scott bikes. Because of its high standards, the company stands behind its products with lifetime warranties.

While Scott mountain bikes are well known for their excellent value for money, they aren’t cheap.

The Aspect is Scott’s entry-level model, this makes it the budget-friendly option from their lineup. All Aspect bikes use the same aluminum frame and a suspension fork with 100mm travel. The Aspect is aimed at recreational off-road riding and features a stable geometry and upright riding position.

You should keep in mind that Scott bikes and Trek bicycles cost more than other brands. The former is more expensive than the latter, but it is well known for its durability and versatility. The cost of a Scott mountain bike depends on your personal preferences and riding style.

When it comes to performance, Scott is a great option, but Trek has an edge over Scott when it comes to comfort.

Reasons Why Scott Are Renowned in the Mountain Biking World

Scott MTB

As the world’s most renowned manufacturer of bicycles, Scott bikes are built to last. The brand relies on the top drivetrain and component manufacturers to create high-performance and durable bikes.

As a result, Scott bicycles have been known to break multiple industry milestones. These accomplishments translate to improved value for the consumer. Scott bikes also feature the latest technology, allowing you to find the perfect bike for your riding style.

Scott MTBs Have Stiffer Frames

In the mountain biking world, Scott is renowned for producing stiffer frames than other brands. Their engineers use carbon fiber to create a stiffer frame that is more flexible and lighter.

High modulus carbon fiber, or HMX, is also used to create a stiffer bike that is still lightweight. However, HMX is more expensive than HMF and is reserved for high-end frames.

Many riders choose Scott mountain bikes because of the stiffer frames. This makes them much more comfortable. The stiffer frame means that you can pedal with less effort.

Small Gear Range

One of the main reasons why Scott is famous in the mountain biking world is their small gear range. This means they can cater to the needs of all levels of cyclists. While many bikes in the world have a wide range of gears, this isn’t the case with Scott.

Their small gear range is perfect for those who enjoy riding in the woods. Moreover, it doesn’t compromise on performance. They produce quality products that can stand up to any condition.

Choosing the correct gear setup is important because the type of terrain determines the type of gear that is needed. Gears with smaller ranges are suited to climbers, while larger ranges are suitable for flat or fast riding.

The smaller gears are more useful when the rider doesn’t want to put a lot of effort into the pedaling. In addition, it’s easier to switch between gears when the terrain is flat or fast.

Quality Suspension

A good suspension is important for comfort, safety, and control when riding a bike. The perfect suspension will give you enough feedback from the ground to maintain control and avoid bouncing off the bike.

Innovative Suspension System

There are many benefits of a good suspension system, and the most important of these is that it protects the internal shock from debris and reduces the risk of damage to the stanchion mount.

An integrated shock system also minimizes the weight of the bike and is easy to maintain. It also improves pedaling efficiency and controls unwanted sideways movement.

The Brain 2.0 suspension system is the heart of the Epic’s performance. It enables smooth transitions between plush and firm terrain with less effort on your part. When you hit a bump, the brass mass collapses and the oil is restricted. This action takes mere fractions of a second. By focusing on the bike’s performance, the Brain 2.0 system allows you to concentrate on your riding.

Are Scott MTBs Build With Good Quality Components?

If you want a high-performance mountain bike, look no further than a Scott, whether you’re riding for fun or competing for a championship, you can find a Scott bike for your needs.

And Yes Scott mountain bikes are made with quality components designed to perform.

Carbon frames

Founded in 2011, Scott MTBs are made with advanced carbon frames and good quality components. They are extremely lightweight, which makes them easy to pedal uphill and control on the descent.

They also feature tapered head tubes, which give the front end of the frame a stiffer feel. This makes the bike more responsive, and Scott is well known for this.

Carbon frames are also strong and lightweight, allowing them to withstand high levels of stress. They are also more rigid than aluminum frames, which is another advantage.

SRAM and Shimano Groupsets

As far as groupsets go, Scott MTBs are built with high-quality SRAM and Shimano systems. The Eagle 1x drivetrain from SRAM is the latest example of its high-end engineering. Its 500% gear range eliminates the need for two front chainrings, and it is compatible with Shimano’s programmable automatic front derailleur.

SRAM GX is the best choice for MTBs. It is SRAM’s flagship 1×11 groupset and comes with an 11-42T cassette. It shares many of its technologies with the X01 Eagle, including X-Horizon technology, X-Actuation trigger shifters, and a carbon cage. It is one of the best 1×11 groupsets available.

TwinLoc Lever

Scott’s TwinLoc lever is an excellent replacement for the Fox offer. It has a larger lever to release cables and is lower profile than the previous model.

It also can be used on a fork, as it comes with a cam for Rockshox fork-2-pos PTL. For those of you who have tried the Fox lever, Scott makes one with a 3-pos remote lever as well.

Maxxis tires

Maxxis tires are a classic choice for mountain bikes. They are crafted to fit rims of 30mm or greater internal width, while still rolling fast and providing excellent grip. Maxxis Dissector is a racing-specific design built with Troy Brosnan in mind.

Do Pro Mountain Bikers Race on Scott MTBs?

There are many professional riders with great results using Scott mountain bikes, this is a true statement of the quality of Scott MTBs.

Nino Schurter has won countless races on Scott mountain bikes. While its reputation for excellence has earned it an impeccable record in cycling, it’s no surprise that the company has a long history of innovation. You’ll find countless awards, too, including the 2015 Bicycle of the Year.

Some other big names in the mountain biking world worth mentioning (that ride on Scott MTBs of course):

  • HOLGER MEYER – German DH National Team in the 90´s
  • ANDREW NEETHLING – African Continental DH Champion 2014, Multiple times South African National Champion, Whistler Crankworx Air DH Champion 2011, US Open DH Champion 2010, Multiple World Cup Series podium finishes
  • KAREN ELLER – 3x Transalp Challenge Winner, Transrockies Winner, 2nd Worldcup Marathon Alpe d’Huez
  • STEFAN GARLICKI2x South African Champion (2015/2016), African Continental Championships – second place (2016), 2x iXS Cup wins (Ilmenau 2016/Tabarz 2017)


Scott is one of the top brands in the mountain biking world with a very good reputation and presence in the pro scene and taking a look at their mountain bikes is a good idea if you are in the search for a new bike. You may find a model that fits your needs, don’t overlook Scott!

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