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Are Giant Mountain Bikes Good? (Reputation, Quality, etc.)

If you are looking at mountain bikes online, most surely you stumbled over many Giant MTBs because they are fairly popular and you may be wondering if they are good quality bikes. Then you are in the right place!

Giant mountain bikes are great bikes with great specs and really it is hard to beat the value they offer for the money in comparison to other big brands. These MTBs are made from good quality components and they are renowned to be able to take a beating and for having a long lifespan.

In this article, we will take a look at Giant’s reputation, if these bikes are really worth the money, and we will analyze the build quality of Giant MTBs.

Is Giant a Good MTB Brand?

Giant MTB
Giant mountain bike on a forest trail

If you are looking for a mountain bike, Giant may be a great choice. This brand produces a wide range of bicycles for any riding style, from road to mountain biking, and even makes bikes for Sunday spinners.

If you are looking for a brand that will make you feel as comfortable as possible in all types of weather, Giant may be a good choice. The company manufactures its bikes in-house, so the quality and materials used are of the highest quality.

Brief Overview

Giant is one of the largest bike brands in the world, catering to bicycle enthusiasts around the world. They pride themselves on building comfortable bikes, with good suspension and brake technology. Giant also prioritizes value for money and continues to upgrade its models every year.

In the early years, Giant was known for producing bikes with innovative features. Their famous Cadex 980 road bike first made its debut in 1987. Later, they added the ATX One DH downhill bike, and in the late ’90s, they added the Compact Road design.

Then, in 2006, they introduced OverDrive tapered head tubes. Today, they’re one of the world’s leading bike manufacturers, and they offer a range of models in different categories.

The company has a long and storied history as a bicycle manufacturer. Giant’s roots can be traced back to the 1970s, when King Liu and Tony Lo founded the company in Taichung County, Taiwan. Giant initially focused on making bikes for Schwinn’s company.

They incorporated the computer-aided design into their frames and started manufacturing bikes for a variety of customers.

Although Giant is an OEM company, it still sells its bikes at local bike shops around the world. With over 12,000 stores worldwide, you’ll be able to try one for yourself.


Giant is one of the most recognizable brands in the mountain bike world, with an extensive range of bikes from high-end enduro racing Reign to affordable Talon hardtails. Giant bikes are extremely diverse, with different wheel sizes, suspension travel, and carbon fiber construction. Its reputation as a world-class manufacturer has earned it a place among the top mountain bike brands.

Known for its durability and long-term reliability, Giant has been in the mountain bike business for nearly four decades. Its emphasis on suspension technology and lightweight construction have helped the brand to stand out from the competition.

The company also started making carbon fiber frames and introduced compact geometry in 1997. In addition to this, Giant is committed to producing top-notch bikes. Its bikes have the durability and reliability that you need to endure any weather.

Another advantage of buying a bike from Giant is their great reputation for quality. You can expect your MTB to last for many years. You can also buy used or older models of Giant to save money.

Customer Service

Giant is a well-known bicycle brand with high recognition among consumers and they are known for their great customer service. Giant doesn’t have the same level of quality as Trek when it comes to customer service but still, overall it is pretty good.


If you want to buy a high-quality mountain bike, Giant is a great choice. The warranty covers the frame and the rigid fork. Replaces parts that are defective or damaged, up to the full value of the bike.

Giant warranties do not cover accidental or consequential damages and parts that are not made by Giant, such as non-branded wheels, seat posts, or brakes.

If you have a Giant mountain bike, you’re covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer will either repair or replace your bike if you can prove it is defective. Upon successful registration, the warranty will be upgraded to a lifetime, otherwise, it will remain 5 years long.

Giant’s warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on bicycle parts or repairs made by an Authorized Giant Retailer. The warranty covers defects in the product and is transferable to the original owner, but does not cover misuse, abuse, or failure to perform. If your bike breaks down under warranty, Giant will exchange the defective parts.

Where Are Giant Mountain Bikes Made?

Giant’s designs are done in California. The company’s market shares are based in the United States and Europe. However, it is also exporting products to the UK, Japan, and Taiwan. Giant has a presence in more than 11 countries, and in 2015, the company had a turnover of US$1.8 billion. Its sales have increased in each of these regions, and the company is now looking to expand its market.

Are Giant Mountain Bikes Worth the Money?

While there are many different types of mountain bikes to choose from, the Fathom offers 130mm of travel and four different aluminum frame models. Several models have a choice of wheel size. The geometry is similar across models, with the Fathom models having a 66deg head angle, 75deg seat tube angle, 435mm chainstays, and 470mm reach.

Despite the price tag, Giant bikes offer excellent value for money.

The Giant Boulder 1 and the Giant Boulder 2 are great recreational bikes. They both feature lightweight aluminum frames and a smooth suspension fork. You can purchase these bikes from Giant without worrying about the price.

The Giant TR-1 29 WheelSystem offers a range of components, including an adjustable dropper and S-Alloy rails. For your convenience, Giant also includes its own finishing kit. However, there is no small-size version of this bike.

Giant Talon bikes are lightweight and perfect for errands and trails. The Giant Stance 29 2 has a lower price and has many of the same features as the Propel Advanced SL but without the TCR Advanced SL.

Reasons Why Giant Is Renowned in the Mountain Biking World

There are many reasons why Giant is a world-renowned name in the mountain biking industry. Its renowned Maestro suspension design uses four pivot points, two linkages, and a single floating pivot point to offer a smooth ride and responsive handling.

The spring curve is linear and sensitive to bump forces, absorbing a wide range of trail impacts. The suspension system is also fully adjustable and allows for precise tuning in the saddle, bars, and tires.

In 2004, Giant introduced Maestro Suspension Technology, which neutralizes braking and pedaling forces so the suspension stays fully active on a variety of trails. Today, Maestro systems are widely used on both downhill race bikes and trail bikes.

Giant has a full range of mountain bikes. The Trance Advanced Pro-29 is the top model of the Giant mountain bike lineup. It features an adjustable frame geometry and a new Maestro suspension system.

The Trance Advanced Pro-29 also features a Fox 34 Float Rhythm fork, Fox Float X Factory shock, and GRIP damper. It also comes with an SRAM Eagle AXS read derailleur, Shimano XTR brakes, and a DUB crankset.

Giant has also recently released a new range of bikes for 2020, including a full-electric mountain bike called the Reign E+. It is basically the Trance E+ on steroids and boasts a 170/160mm travel and a hydroformed alloy frameset.

It also features a Yamaha battery system. It is the highest-quality electric bike on the market and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Are Giant MTBs Build With Good Quality Components?

The Giant name is synonymous with quality, and their bikes have an impressive history. From the ultra-expensive Talon hardtail to the top-tier Reign for downhill competition, the brand’s product line is vast and diverse.

Giant bikes also have a complicated naming system for different models. There are different wheel sizes, different suspension travel, and various materials. One important thing to keep in mind is that Giant bikes are often made with carbon.

Giant started as an OEM of Trek bikes. While many Trek bike frames are derived from Giant, they are not as stiff as Trek bikes. Trek, on the other hand, has found ways to add strength to its frames. They also optimize the strength-to-weight ratio.

Both Trek and Giant are well-known for high-quality bike parts. While Trek may have a more innovative design, Giant bikes focus on functionality rather than form. Giant bikes are not as flashy as Trek’s, but they are more affordable.

Giant also offers a wider variety of models, compared to Specialized. The WorldTour also has a merry-go-round of sponsor changes. BMC Racing, for instance, changed from Trek to Giant.

Do Pro Mountain Bikers Race on Giant MTBs?

In 1995, Giant became the first sponsor of a World Cup mountain bike team. John Tomac and the cross-country star Rune Hoydahl starred on Giant bikes.

The 2022 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup series is held in France. To mark the occasion, Giant has unveiled its full roster of riders. The team features world-class contenders, national champions, and veteran racers. They have enjoyed a successful start to the season, with several team members winning early races.

Giant continues to support pro mountain bikers through the development of their bicycles.


Giant mountain bikes are well built and offer good quality for the money, if you find an MTB that fits your needs in their lineup you don’t have to hesitate, Giant is a good brand and you can trust it.

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