Our story

We bought the domain name mtbfunplanet.com in 2021.  The site was slow to take off, but we are committed to helping all new mountain bike enthusiasts to make their first steps in this incredible sport.


mtbfunplanet.com was started to help sports enthusiasts discover the great sport of mountain biking and all its benefits. A lot of my friends ended up investing tons of money in expensive and underperforming bikes and equipment, just to end up disappointed. We are here to ensure that this will not be the case for you.

Mountain biking is the best way to get in shape and achieve a great mental state!



The main author of mtbfunplanet.com is Isac Vasile Claudiu, an automation engineer with a great passion for mountain biking and more than 7 years of experience riding both a hardtail and a full-suspension mountain bike.