About Isac Vasile Claudiu

Old bike
2 years of riding a hardtails
Current bike
more than 8 years of riding full-suspenion mountain bikes

My story

With over 12 years of experience as an Automation Engineer at a prominent electrical firm, I, Isac Vasile Claudiu, have always been committed to my profession. This dedication often meant long hours in an office, which eventually took a toll on my health due to its sedentary nature.

Recognizing the need for change, I took up jogging to enhance my physical well-being. Initially, I ran through the streets of my hometown but soon realized the impact of pavement on my joints. This led me to the serene forest trails, which not only improved my fitness but also deepened my connection with nature.

Life, however, had its challenges. A personal family setback meant a break from my daily runs, leading to a decline in both my physical and mental well-being. Determined to bounce back, I discovered the therapeutic world of mountain biking. Starting with an entry-level hardtail bike, I was instantly hooked.

Considering my history of lower back pain from prolonged sitting, I made a health-conscious decision to invest in a full-suspension KTM mountain bike. This choice was informed by extensive research into the best mountain bikes, accessories, and gear. Today, I stand as a testament to resilience, expertise, and the continuous pursuit of personal growth.

In a few years, my journey in the mountain biking field has been nothing short of transformative. Starting with no prior experience, I faced numerous challenges, from mastering the technicalities of the sport to overcoming physical and mental barriers. With determination and relentless practice, I progressed rapidly, now competing in local amateur and semi-professional events. Today, I stand not only as a testament to resilience and expertise in my engineering field but also as a passionate mountain biker who has turned challenges into milestones.

Now I can say that starting mountain biking was the best decision I made in the last few years. My overall health and mental state were greatly improved.

Isac Vasile Claudiu